Early Music Princeton joins forces with the Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk) to create electronic arrangements of early music. This option is for those that love early music and want to explore completely new and “out-of-the-box” ways of listening to and understanding this music. EMP and PLOrk students work together to create synthesized arrangements of early music, from chant and polyphony of the Middle Ages to Haydn and early Mozart, and everything in-between. Students work both individually and in groups of two or more with a variety of options, ranging in style from an exact electronic replica of the piece to a newly composed composition that has been inspired by music from said repertoire. The results are entirely new expressions of the music, unique to each student.

GarageBand, Logic, Reaper, or other programs will be used. For those that are interested but do not have knowledge of these computer programs, we will provide tutorials and mentoring every step of the way.

Dan Hudson, Oft Have I Sighed (Thomas Campion)
Yue Qiao, Bach Prelude in C