Early Music Princeton (EMP) is an umbrella organization devoted to the exploration of early music for graduate and undergraduate students in all disciplines, as well as staff members at Princeton University. Members of Early Music Princeton study and perform vocal and instrumental repertoire spanning the centuries from Medieval and Renaissance to High Baroque, with a special focus on historical performance practices. EMP’s ensembles include the EMP Singers, the EMP Chamber Players and the EMP Viol Consort. EMPLOrk is a collaboration between EMP and the Princeton Laptop Orchestra, bringing the worlds of early and new music closer together

EMP has a large instrument collection, including violins, viola, cello, a full range of viols, and Baroque bows, to name but a few, allowing for the exploration and performance of a wide range of repertoire.

Early Music Princeton is led by faculty director and harpsichordist Wendy Young. She is joined by EMP faculty members Nancy Wilson (violin), Sarah Cunningham (viola da gamba and Baroque cello), and Jacqueline Horner-Kwiatek (soprano), all internationally renowned early music specialists.  EMP also has an Outreach program, focusing on taking early music beyond the university campus, as well as organizing interactive workshops for both students and the community.

EMP is open to all instrumentalists and singers. We look forward to continuing to expand our repertoire and to bringing early music to both Princeton University and the community.


Auditions will be held in the Fall for all singers and instrumentalists, date and time TBD.

EMP ensembles usually meet on Friday afternoons. Rehearsals and coachings are scheduled between 12pm and 4.30pm, exact times for each ensemble TBD.


Private lessons are offered by our faculty. Undergraduate instrumentalists and singers who participate in an EMP ensemble qualify for subsidized lessons. Contact our faculty for more information:

Wendy Young, Director and Harpsichord

Jacqueline Horner-Kwiatek, Soprano

Sarah Cunningham, Viola da gamba and Baroque cello

Nancy Wilson, Baroque Violin and Viola