Jacqueline Horner-Kwiatek, Director

EMP SINGERS consists of two vocal ensembles, a mixed voice chamber choir and a Treble Consort, usually 3 or 4 to a part, that explores repertoire from the Middle Ages to the High Baroque, as well as occasional forays into the world of new music. There are solo and solo ensemble opportunities for interested singers.

Singing with EMP is a wonderful opportunity to explore a vast repertoire of medieval, renaissance, and baroque music, as well as to connect with other early music enthusiasts—undergraduates and graduate students alike—doing what we love, not to mention getting to know the talented and kind faculty. I’ve particularly enjoyed collaborating on creative projects: transforming early music pieces into new electronic music compositions with guidance from the laptop orchestra, as well as rehearsing and recording music to accompany Princeton University Art Museum art pieces. I encourage other musicians to consider joining this passionate and supportive community!  (Kathryn Chou, ’23)

Sancta Virgo Katherina (Nicholas Gombert) from the Museum Recording Project