Nancy Wilson, Director

EMP CHAMBER PLAYERS play a wide variety of instrumental music from the Renaissance to High Baroque periods in varying combinations, including collaborations with the EMP Singers and EMP Viol Consort. There are frequent opportunities for solo work.

Whether you already play a baroque instrument or are curious to try something new, EMP offers a wonderful opportunity to explore new repertoire and make new friendships through music. One of the great things about EMP is its variety – from playing viol consorts or trio sonatas to accompanying choral ensembles and opera scenes, each concert program teaches different skills and styles of playing. The EMP faculty are experts in this music and thrilled to share their experience with the student community. (Isaac Louth, GS)

Far from being about dusty rules and dogma, EMP is a music-making community where four experts in different areas of historical performance guide the ensemble through an exciting exploration of repertoire, style, and expression. They impart skills that relate not only to the performance of early music but improve general musicianship in any style or practice – all this, while creating a welcoming and supportive environment for students to flourish in. (Jane Hines, GS)

The Plaint (Henry Purcell) performed by members of EMP Chamber Players, Singers, and Viol Consort
Bertali’s Chaconne in C (arranged for viola, in F)